LightSail 2 Deployed

Cal Poly aerospace engineering graduate Justin Foley, left, and Professor John Bellardo, flank a cardboard cutout of retired Professor and CubeSat pioneer, Jordi Puig-Suari, during the LightSail 2 event at the CubeSat Lab. Using Cal Poly's PolySat lab as mission control, scientists from the Planetary Society successfully deployed a solar sail prepared at Cal Poly. The LightSail 2 CubeSat, a citizen-funded project, will test the concept of harnessing photons from the sun to propel a spacecraft. While the Planetary Society was occupied by PolySat lab during the deployment, observers watched from a lecture room across the hall, cheering when it was announced that the deployment had worked. Then Bill Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society, answered questions via a live streaming feed. "We have been trying to launch a solar sail for about 20 years," he said. "Now we're going to get a push from sunlight."

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