Transfer Student Jump Start Program

Cal Poly College of Engineering (CENG) is offering a supportive summer Jump Start program for a select newly admitted 2024 transfer students majoring in Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science/Software Engineering. Take courses for free! Live on campus! Meet other new transfer students! Students who have participated in this program found it helpful to get oriented to campus and meet other students before fall. Faculty mentoring and community-building activities are included as well!


Second Session Summer 5 weeks; Courses run July 29th-August 30th. Information about second Session summer calendar Here.


Thanks to the support of a generous sponsor, for a limited cohort of students, CENG will provide full scholarships for enrollment in 4-6 units of specific second session summer Cal Poly courses.

Since courses will be offered in-person, you must be willing to relocate to San Luis Obispo or be within easy commuting distance to participate in this program. You must opt into this program to enroll in these second session summer courses. Those not enrolled in the program will not be able to take these courses.

Required for Mechanical engineers:

  • ME 234 Philosophy of Design (3 units)
  • ME 263 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering for Transfer Students (1 unit)
  • ME 228 Engineering Design Communication (2 units) – Beginning drawing and Solidworks


  • ME 251 Introduction to Detailed Design and Solid Works (2 units) – Advanced Solidworks

Required for computer science/software engineering majors:

  • CSC 490 Transfer Student Orientation and Workshop (2 units)
  • CSC 349 Algorithms (4 units)

Note that interested students can explore registering for additional second session courses, however, only the cost of 4-6 units of courses is covered by the Summer Jump Start program.

Additional ME course offered during the Second Summer 5 Week Session:

  • ME 264 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering for Transfers Lab (1 unit)


Full housing stipends for a third of the participants are available (first come first served) or participants can choose to live in off-campus housing during the program at their own expense.

Please indicate your preference in the application.


The program includes at least one hour a week of planned orientation and jump start activities to help you get to know other students, your major, the campus, and San Luis Obispo. We hope that you will feel like Cal Poly is a place where you belong by the time fall quarter rolls around! You will meet with faculty from your department each week, getting to know them and the other students in your program.

Please submit the following information to apply to this program. We hope you will consider Jump Starting your academic career and this unique opportunity to build community at Cal Poly. Applications are due by May 30th, 2024. Enrollment is predicated on successful matriculation and meeting all required prerequisite courses.


Zoë Wood, Ph.D., (she/her/ally)
Professor, Computer Science Department and
Associate Dean for Diversity and Student Success, College of Engineering