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Information technology services for CENG faculty, staff and students

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Please use one of the following methods to request support for your CENG ITS needs:

  1. Preferred Method: Email your request to servicedesk@calpoly.edu with detailed information of what you need support with.
  2. Alternatively, you can submit a support request ticket yourself by using the request portal link. Please be as detailed as possible.
  3. As a last option, you can call the Service Desk to help log a ticket by calling x6-7000 or 805-756-7000. Please be as detailed as possible.

This information will be provided soon. Please check back for updates.

Q1) Where do I go to find General ITS Help Resources (i.e. Adobe Suite, VPN, Office365, AWS Appstream, etc.)?
A1) Visit the Cal Poly ITS Knowledge Database.

Q2) Where do I go to find teaching resources, such as Zoom and Canvas?
A2) Visit the CTLT Teaching Resources webpage.

Q3) I have issues printing on campus, who do I contact?
A3) Please create a support ticket by calling the Service Desk at x67000 or 805-756-7000.

Q4) As an incoming or continuing student, what computer model should I purchase, and what specs should it feature?*
A4) The recommended hardware, specifications, and software vary depending on your major:

  • Aerospace Engineering majors – Please visit the Aero Recommended Laptop Specs webpage.
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering majors Freshmen and students enrolled in foundation courses may use a Chromebook or comparable machine. Students taking upper-division coursework and those enrolled in classes with a VR or gaming component, please consult with your instructors for specific hardware and software recommendations.
  • Electrical Engineering majors – Please see the School Computer Recommendations section of the EE Resources webpage.
  • Mechanical Engineering majors – Please visit the ME Computers and Software webpage.
  • All other majors – Please contact your academic department or program office directly for recommendations.
* View promotional flyer (.pdf) for information about current student offers on Dell products.

CENG Remote Desktops and Apps is currently available for AERO, BMED, CE, ENVE, ME, and MATE students. 


  • Windows 8 or 10
  • MacOS 10.13 or later
  • Minimum Download Speed: 5 Mbps
  • Global Protect VPN
  • Browser: Chrome (Recommended), Firefox, Edge

To access site, you must be running Global Protect VPN.

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