Tryg Lundquist

An Environmental Legacy

Cows that lived decades ago could potentially pose a risk to the environment and public health, according to a NASA-supported study that involved Cal Poly’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The new findings,

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DAVE in Space

Students from PolySat are already communicating with their satellite, known as DAVE, which was launched into space last weekend. Cal Poly was one of three universities to launch a CubeSat into space Saturday. The mini-satellites

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Cracking the Code

Ignatios Vakalis, who helped increase the number of females pursuing computer science degrees at Cal Poly by 300 percent over the past decade, will be honored Nov. 2 with a national diversity award.

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Jon Monett

Up to the Challenge

In an empty classroom on the third floor of Building 192, Jon Monett sits in front of a camera, artificial light illuminating his face, as he clutches his script. After a final take

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Headshot of woman

An Ambassador to Computer Science

While Zoë Wood is an innovative, tech-savvy computer science professor, she grew up in the countryside, raised in a one-room, 15×18-foot house in the Santa Barbara mountains. “I spent most of my childhood

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