An Extraordinary E.T.

An extraterrestrial float created by Cal Poly students was also an extraordinary float, judges concluded Tuesday, two hours before millions of earthlings observed it during the much-anticipated Rose Parade. “The judges even complimented

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Going Back in Time

When Bob Wulf organized his class reunion in 2015, he wanted his fellow aerospace alum to see how things had changed since 1963. “Most of them hadn’t been back to campus since graduation,”

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Sharing the Cal Poly Way

The hands-on opportunities at Cal Poly stand out most for two professors visiting from Indonesia this quarter. “If you have labs and great facilities, it’s easier to teach and easier for students to

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Fighting Student Hunger

Near the end of spring quarter, almost every Cal Poly freshman faces an important financial question: How do you spend your leftover meal plan dollars? A new Cal Poly club, Swipe Out Hunger,

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Tim Weise

Mission to Mars

At mission control, what had been projected as “seven minutes of terror” was actually a bit of an understatement, a Cal Poly graduate said, after he and his fellow NASA team members nervously

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Professor with students

A Good Fellow

An advocate of evidence-based teaching practices whose classic dynamics textbook is used by students nationwide, Brian Self was recently named a Fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The ASEE, dedicated

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