Grant M. Brown Engineering Building, college of engineering.

Faculty Publications and Research

On any given day, the College of Engineering’s diverse and dedicated faculty members are producing significant research contributions through peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books and book chapters. Learn more about those contributions in

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Volunteer to Become a STEM-x Tutor

The nonprofit EnCorps is seeking Cal Poly faculty and students to join the STEM-x Tutor team. STEM-x Tutors work directly with middle school students who need help in math. Tutors meet with students

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Apply Now for Audio Visual On-Campus Job

Are you looking for an on-campus job that will allow you to enhance your knowledge of audio-visual equipment? Or excited about the opportunity to mix concerts and program lights at high-profile campus events?

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Student in front of computer.

New Course Offering: Quantum Computing

Content: Quantum computing theory (qubits, quantum gates, quantum circuits), quantum computer architectures, quantum algorithms, run computations on a quantum computer Offered: spring 2024 Prerequisites: PHYS 211 Modern Physics I or CHEM 353 Physical Chemistry

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