BIPOC First Generation College Students Group Dialogue

The BIPOC First Generation College Students Group Dialogue class is currently recruiting students for Spring Quarter.  We appreciate your support in getting this information to students who may benefit from this resource!

We will be offering two sections of the class at Monday 2:10PM-4PM (PSY 251-02) and Tuesday 2:10-4PM (PSY 251-01). Each section can enroll up to 10 students. 

Students who have participated in this course have expressed benefitting from the additional support and having a safe space to share their experiences!

The class is an excellent opportunity to meet other students and mentors with similar backgrounds and experiences.  We offer a credit/ no credit, easy,  1 credit course that is light in academic load.  

It is a great class for students who are struggling to adjust to Cal Poly and who may be underrepresented on this campus. Students are encouraged to discover new strengths and potentials that help them thrive at Cal Poly. Students also learn about resources on campus necessary for their academic success. The class offers a close community for students to share their experiences and receive support. Students may also benefit from learning or bolstering their skills to manage stressors unique to their experiences.

Our class will offer students with the opportunity to prioritize their topics of interest and curriculum will reflect the emerging needs of students involved.

Request a permission code: Interest Form

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