It IS Rocket Science

Fortunately, heartburn didn’t inspire a Cal Poly team to build a rocket that would be launched with “fast acting” Alka-Seltzers. But there was plenty of relief when a panel of judges invited

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Not Just Pond Scum

A few years ago, the prospect of transforming algae into an alternative biofuel had numerous American companies seeing green – and not because of chlorophyll. But while investors have spent hundreds of

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PolySats Launch Down Under

Before it ever lifted off the planet, Cal Poly’s latest CubeSat had already traveled close to 7,000 miles. The PolySat team’s mini satellite – called ISX, or Ionospheric Scintillation explorer — was one of

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An Extraordinary E.T.

An extraterrestrial float created by Cal Poly students was also an extraordinary float, judges concluded Tuesday, two hours before millions of earthlings observed it during the much-anticipated Rose Parade. “The judges even

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Fighting Student Hunger

Near the end of spring quarter, almost every Cal Poly freshman faces an important financial question: How do you spend your leftover meal plan dollars? A new Cal Poly club, Swipe Out

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