Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Tools to Help You Silence Your Inner Bully

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Join us for a presentation by psychotherapist Stevon Lewis on Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Tools to Help You Silence Your Inner Bully.

Co-sponsored by Campus Health & Wellbeing, this presentation will focus on helping participants identify Imposter Syndrome and learn effective ways to address the rigidly held beliefs sufferers hold onto that prevent them from connecting to the parts of themselves responsible for their success.

People struggling with Impostor Syndrome are plagued with the crippling fear that they will be found out to be a fraud and not really in possession of the skills and abilities others believe they have. This fear of “being found out” often has roots in childhood experiences that have developed into an inaccurate perception of self.

The goal is to help people reduce their impostorism by learning to connect their thoughts, feelings and behavior to allow them to counter irrational beliefs that lead to distress.

The presentation will be held on Thursday, April 25 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the ATL.

Stevon Lewis is a speaker, author, executive advisor and the host of the podcast, “How to Talk to High Achievers About Anything,” proudly produced by LWC Studios.

With a unique background as a licensed psychotherapist, Stevon is a trusted expert in his field, dedicated to empowering high achievers to overcome Impostor Syndrome and cultivate a transformative shift in their mindset, allowing them to foster a deeper connection with their achievements and a broader definition of success. 

He is the author of the journal, “Silencing Your Inner Bully: An Acknowledgment Journal for Impostor Syndrome.” This journal serves as a tool for individuals seeking to confront and conquer their impostorism by guiding them through exercises that lead to an acknowledgment of their skills and ability and growth to accept that they are a work in progress and are doing amazing things nonetheless. His abilities as a speaker have garnered him recognition on prestigious television and media platforms, such as the illustrious Oprah Winfrey Network, the dynamic KevOnStage Studios and the esteemed Boston Globe. 

His commitment to mental health and personal development is evident through his workshops on Impostor Syndrome and related topics, conducted for a diverse array of organizations such as Tory Burch, Scotch Porter, The Creative Collective NYC, Deluxe Media Entertainment, Augusta University, CSU Long Beach, Pepperdine University, ChanZuckerberg Institute, Power Digital Marketing, BLK Dating App (a subsidiary of and A New Direction, a London-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting and nurturing individuals from underrepresented communities within the creative and digital industries.