CENG Student Spotlight: Gregory Broadous

A student smiling at the cameera
Gregory Broadous (general engineering) / photo by Julianna Wild

Major: General Engineering, Concentration in Mechatronics and Environmental Engineering  

Hometown: Sylmar, California

What made you choose engineering? 

I have always enjoyed organizing materials and building mechanical projects. The process of starting with an idea, creating processes and plans via trial and error, and incorporating all parts together is exciting for me.  

What is your favorite place in San Luis Obispo County and why? 

My favorite place in San Luis Obispo County is the top of Bishop Peak. I love trail running, and reaching the top of the peak is always rewarding.  

What was your earliest engineering project? 

My senior year of high school was the first time I was exposed to computer programming for engineering. I took a computer engineering class that utilized AutoCAD to design housing layouts.  

Where do you like to hang out on campus? 

I like to hang out at the Black Academic Excellence Center. 

What are your hobbies? 

I enjoy jiu-jitsu, trail running, playing bass guitar, reading and yoga. I especially enjoy the yoga classes offered through the Recreation Center.  

What has been your favorite class and why? 

My favorite class was Engineering Dynamics. I have found that making it through Cal Poly engineering courses is often challenging. Many engineers discover the value of collaboration through group study sessions. One of my favorite groups that I have studied with was from my engineering dynamics class. Spending so much time together working on assignments created friendships that I really appreciate.  

What is your dream job after graduation? 

I chose to major in general engineering because, while it is broad, it allows me to pursue an interdisciplinary degree. My goal is to work in any engineering area if the organization has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability in their projects.  

What do you think engineering’s biggest impact on the world will be in the future? 

I think engineering’s biggest impact will be creating more sustainable solutions for creating infrastructure that our world needs.  

Are you part of any extracurriculars on or off campus? 

I am part of the Philosophy Club, Black Student Union, National Society of Black Engineers and Men and Masculinities.  

Why did you choose to attend Cal Poly, and what was the path that brought you here? 

I chose Cal Poly because of the school’s reputation for competitive engineering departments. Throughout high school, I knew my goal was to major in engineering. With my parents’ support and encouragement, I completed high school classes with competitive grades and extracurriculars.  

How do you support the college’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion? 

I support Cal Poly’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion by supporting and staying involved with Black Student Union, National Society of Black Engineers and Men and Masculinities. While BSU and NSBE both contribute to the academic and social well-being of Black students, NSBE’s focus is to provide resources that support the development of future Black professionals in STEM. Moreover, I’m looking forward to my role as Vice President because I’ll be collaborating with exceptional NSBE members who also want to provide Black students with the necessary spaces and resources to thrive in academia and industry. 

By Taylor Villanueva