Faculty Publications and Research

Grant M. Brown Engineering Building, college of engineering.
Grant M. Brown Engineering Building, college of engineering. Photo by Joe Johnston/University Photographer/Cal Poly 3-30-21

On any given day, the College of Engineering’s diverse and dedicated faculty members are producing significant research contributions through peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books and book chapters. Learn more about those contributioans in this month’s Faculty Research Roundup. If you would like your work to be included in a future faculty roundup, submit your research here

Stefan Talke 

Stefan Talke (civil engineering)

Civil and environmental engineering Professor Stefan Talke’s research was published in Nature: Scientific Reports. The research, titled “Sea level rise and the drivers of daily water levels in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta,” describes how wind, tides, river flow, sea-level rise, the state water project and land subsidence influence water levels in the Delta.  

Talke was featured on the “Science-in-Short” podcast to discuss his findings and research approach, which combines data archaeology, modeling and data analysis. 

Mohsen Kivy, Amro El Badawy and Ajay Kathuria 

Mohsen Kivy (materials engineering)
Amro El Badawy (environmental engineering)
Ajay Kathuria (industrial technology and packaging)

Materials engineering Assistant Professor Mohsen Kivy, environmental engineering Associate Professor Amro El Badawy and industrial technology and packaging Associate Professor Ajay Kathuria published their third collaborative journal paper. 

You can find their recent paper, “Micro-encapsulation of citral using edible γ-cyclodextrin metal organic framework,” here. 

Their previous journal publications together were “Optimal Polyethyleneimine Molecular Weight and Arrangement for Modification of γ-Cyclodextrin Metal Organic Frameworks (γ-CD-MOFs) for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture“– in collaboration with undergraduate student co-authors — and “Environmentally benign bioderived, biocompatible, thermally stable MOFs suitable for food contact applications.” 

Mohammad Noori 

Mohammad Noori (mechanical engineering)

Mechanical engineering Professor Emeritus Mohammad Noori recently published the following journal articles: 

Prediction of resisting force and tensile load reduction in GFRP composite materials using Artificial Neural Network-Enhanced Jaya Algorithm” 

Damage detection in structures by using imbalanced classification algorithms” 

Advancements in piezoelectric wind energy harvesting: A review” 

Applications of sustainable hybrid energy harvesting: A review” 

Comparative study of a newly proposed machine learning classification to detect damage occurrence in structures” 

From model-driven to data-driven: A review of hysteresis modeling in structural and mechanical systems” 

Noori also published a graduate-level textbook with his colleagues, titled “Seismic resilience assessment of hospital infrastructure.”