CENG Student Spotlight: Anmol Gill

Student Anmol Gill posing with her backpack on

Major: Computer Science

Year: Fourth Year

Hometown: Union City, California

What made you choose engineering?

I chose engineering because I felt it would be the most fulfilling to me and, of course, Cal Poly has a great engineering program.    

What is your favorite place in San Luis Obispo County and why?

I love going to Avila Beach because of how peaceful and relaxing it is. 

Where do you like to hang out on campus? 

The Kennedy Library was my favorite place to do homework and hang out with friends before it was closed for construction. Now, I study at the University Union.

What are your hobbies? 

I love hiking, playing soccer and traveling.  

What has been your favorite class and why? 

My favorite class was Data Structures. I loved the professor and was able to gain many relevant industry skills.

Do you have a scholarship? 

Yes, the John C. Tracey, Jr. Scholarship for computer science. 

Are you part of any extracurriculars on or off campus? 

I play intramural soccer!  

Why did you choose to attend Cal Poly, and what was the path that brought you here? 

I chose Cal Poly because the school has a great computer science program that is well-respected in the industry. Class sizes are also very small and allow me to get to know my classmates and professors. Lastly, SLO is a beautiful place to go to school.