IME Graduate and Undergraduate Students’ and Faculty Members’ Noteworthy Contributions at the 2023 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Annual Conference

Jill Speece, Michael Cassetti, Anirudh Suri, Justice Radler, Jack Reed, Vanessa Veto, Dave Hampton (alumnus), Diego Silva, Ethan Eichten, Eevee Murdock, Tiffany Chang, Cole Goddard, Mohamed Awwad

In May 2023, the Cal Poly College of Engineering had a significant presence at the IISE Annual Conference. Twelve Cal Poly engineering students and two faculty mentors, all from the IME department, attended and presented their research.  Highlights from the conference include the following: 

Student presentations 

  • Eevee Murdock (Industrial Engineering, ’23), Ethan Eichten (Industrial Engineering, ’23) and Tiffany Chang (Industrial Engineering, ’23) presented their research paper, “The Rise in Private Brands: A Supply Chain Perspective.” 
  • Michael Cassetti (Industrial Engineering, ’23), Justice Radler (Industrial Engineering, ’23), Cole Goddard (Industrial Engineering, ’23) and Anirudh Suri (Industrial Engineering, ’23) presented a poster, “The Effect of the Russo-Ukrainian War on the Global Energy Supply Chain.” 
  • Diego Silva (Engineering Management, ’23) presented a poster, “Theoretical Development of a Potential Last-Mile Drone Delivery Infrastructure.” 
  • Eevee Murdock, Vanessa Veto (Industrial Engineering, ’23), Ethan Eichten (Industrial Engineering, ’23) and Jack Reed (Industrial Engineering, ’23) presented a poster on their senior design project, “Disinformation on Social Media using Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Game Theory.” 
  • Hannah Lavier (Industrial Engineering, ’22) and Momo Murphy (Manufacturing Engineering, ’23) presented their research, “Manufacturing Readiness Level Tracking Within the Defense Industry.” 

Faculty presentations and awards 

  • Jill Speece presented her research paper “Turning Managers into Continuous Improvement Coaches.”  
  • Mohamed Awwad received a certificate of appreciation from the Logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) board of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. 
  • Alessandro Hill was recognized at the conference and awarded the outstanding faculty adviser in the U.S. Western Region. 
  • The IISE Annual Conference was also a valuable opportunity for the students to network with alumni and industry.  Dave Hampton who is a Cal Poly IME alumnus and IAB member was also the 2023 IISE Annual Conference Program Chair.