CENG Faculty Book Circle for Winter 2023

Meltdown: Why our systems fail and what we can do about it
Clearfield and Tilcsik, Penguin Press, 2018

New start date: January 27! Come explore the relationships between technology and society from an engineering perspective. Learn why current large engineered systems fail and what we can do about it.

Meltdown discusses how complexity creates vulnerability and what can be done to decrease the likelihood of an unexpected failure. Meltdown is the perfect introduction to coupling and how to add perspective to solving real-world problems. The book isn’t written just for engineers, but engineers will get a particularly useful advantage from having these techniques available.

Facilitator: Dianne J. DeTurris
Location: Room 203 Bonderson
Time: Fridays 12-1 pm
Dates: Jan. 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 10, Feb. 17, Feb. 24, Mar. 3

Book available in print and e-book form.


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