Dr. Mohammad Noori Published

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Dr. Mohammad Noori, professor of mechanical engineering, and his collaborators have recently published the following  papers in some of the most respected journals:

1.     Guangcai Zhang; Chunfeng Wan; Xiaobing Xiong; Liyu Xie; Mohammad Noori; Songtao Xue , A hybrid structural damage identification strategy based on Jaya and differential evolution algorithm with output-only responses, Measurement, Volume 199, pp18, 2022, 111591, available online 5 July 2022.

2.     Sallam A. Kouritem, Mohamed A. Al-Moghazy, Mohammad Noori, Wael A. Altabey, Mass Tuning Technique For Broadband Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Arrays. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Volume 181, 2022, pp16, 109500, available online 2 July, 2022.  

3.     Alireza Tabrizikahoua, Mieczyslaw Kuczmaa, Ehsan Noroozinejad Farsangi, Mohammad Noori, Magdalena Lasecka-Pluraa, Application of Shape Memory Alloys for Structural Vibration Control: State-of-the-Art— Construction and Building Materials, Volume 342, Part B, 1 August 2022, pp 25, 127975.

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