Engineering Professors Accepted Into ASEE DELTA Junior Faculty Institute


Two Engineering assistant professors were selected to attend the ASEE DELTA Junior Faculty Institute.

Ayaan Kazerouni, computer science and software engineering, and Arnold Deffo, aerospace engineering, attended the institute in early April.

The DELTA Junior Faculty Institute is designed to prepare early-stage faculty members to integrate their scholarship, teaching and service to advance their careers in alignment with personal goals and institutional and disciplinary expectations.

Ayaan Kazerouni

Kazerouni’s reaesrch interests include computing education, software engineering and software testing.

Arnold Deffo

Deffo’s research interests include structural dynamics and aeroelasticity; aerospace structures; computational solid mechanics and fracture mechanics.

Eligibility for the institute is limited to tenure-track assistant professors (or equivalent title) who have served in that capacity for at least one academic year prior to participation in this program.

The DELTA (∆) Institutes are designed to develop engineering and engineering technology faculty and administrators as change agents for 1) the ongoing transformation of higher education and 2) the transformation in engineering education, research, and community engagement necessary to address the NAE Grand Challenges and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through the inclusion of leading-edge knowledge and best practices in professional development for faculty and administrators, the DELTA (∆) Institutes will improve efficiency and effectiveness for each participant and thus also do so broadly across the universities they serve.

The Cal Poly College of Engineering understands there has been an enormous amount of turmoil and transition due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). As we continue offering support to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, we also continue providing critical updates as well as college highlights. Ours is a college full of creative and bright engineers and staff. For more information on COVID-19 visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. For more information on how Cal Poly is responding to COVID-19, visit the Cal Poly Coronavirus website Coronavirus website.

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