5th Annual Teach In

Upcoming Event

CLA’s 5th annual Social Justice Teach In will be held on February 11 this year in an all-virtual format. We have an excellent slate of speakers from across the university and beyond. The proposals we received this year were numerous and exciting and we are looking forward to the insightful discussions and reflections on these topics long after the Teach In! 

We hope you’ll join us for such presentations as: 

  • “Georgia Elections, The Riot, and Race: An Exam of the Events of 1/6/21”
  • “Teatro Campesino/Farmworkers Theatre: Lessons on Activist Theatre”
  • “Black and Indigenous Futurity: World-Making Our Way Home”
  • “Transgender People of Color: Understanding Multiple Minority Stress, Health Disparities, and Community Resilience”
  • “Integrating Social Justice into Engineering Statics and Problem Solving”
  • “Latinx Immigrant Health Inequities in San Luis Obispo: Findings and Recommendations for Health Equity and Policy”
  • “On the Field and in the Booth: Experiences of Women Making the Calls in Sport”
  • “The ‘Why’ and ‘DIY’ of Video Captioning

….and many, many more! Registration is now open, so please click to view the full schedule here

Join us for the Keynote at 4pm that day as well! Dr. Andrew Jolivétte (Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Louisiana, Chair of the Ethnic Studies program at UCSD) will be giving a talk with the title: Black Lives, Indigenous Lives: From Mattering to Thriving.

More information will be coming with schedule and titles. See cla.calpoly.edu/teach-in for more details as they are updated.