Supportive CENG Faculty/Staff Recognized by MEP Students


Every spring quarter, the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) hosts our GRADitude Reception, an event honoring graduating students and the faculty/staff that were important supporters during students’ respective journeys at Cal Poly. This year, MEP was unable to host this reception. However, graduating MEP students were still given the opportunity to acknowledge a supportive campus member virtually.   Many CENG faculty and staff were recognized – here are a few acknowledgments from MEP students:

Dr. Amro El Badawy (CE): “Amro has been a great mentor, professor, and friend. He has allowed me to work in his lab and gain research experience to help me get into graduate school. If I was having a bad day, I knew I could come to him and have his support or guidance through that difficult situation. His kindness and the devotion he puts into his work is remarkable, and I hope to be a professor like him some day.”

Dr. Amro El Badawy

Dawn Sirois (ESS Academic Advisor): “Dawn has been an amazing mentor. During my time with Poly Pals (a former Engineering Student Services mentorship program), she helped me become a better leader. She always took the time to hear about my day. My third year, I fell behind in course credit and I realized I wouldn’t be graduating in 4 years. Dawn was the first person I went to. She helped me plan my courses for the next year and gave me peace of mind. I am so grateful to have met Dawn! Without her, I don’t know if I would have stayed at Cal Poly.”

Dawn Sirois

Dr. Aaron Keen (CSC/SE): “In my opinion, Dr. Aaron Keen is one of the most supportive professors I’ve had at Cal Poly. Although I took one class with him, CSC 430 (twice), he continued to support me by making sure I understood the material. In lecture, he considers every question asked a good question, providing an inclusive learning environment for his students. He’s beyond helpful in labs and office hours, especially catching bugs pretty quickly.”

Dr. Aaron Keen

Dr. Clay McKell (EE): “Clay (as he prefers to be called) has been a reliable source of advice for me in recent times. Being a recent addition to the Cal Poly family, his experience as a student and a professor makes his ability to grapple and comment on issues second-to-none. Beyond being open to comments on EE Department operations, he is also very insightful on academic/career planning. I value the advice he’s given me, and the opportunity to talk with him. Thanks, Clay!”

Dr. Clay McKell

Dr. Nicole Johnson-Glauch (MATE): “She really listens to her students and changes how she teaches as she hears feedback. Also, she values feedback – she’s the only teacher that one can be really open with. Additionally, she is great at being available for you even when you’re not her student anymore. She will go to bat for you and is always ready to support you. She’s also not afraid to participate in events, such as dressing up for Halloween or hosting games. I think Dr. Nicole Johnson-Glauch is one of the best teachers at Cal Poly and will only get better.”

Dr. Sarah Harding (ME): “Sarah is a very caring teacher in the department and makes it a personal goal to help her students.”

Nicholas Sakellariou (CSC/SE): “Professor Sakellariou has been nothing but inspirational and has helped me gain a new perspective on life and technology. He is a primary example of a professor who cares about his students!” All recognized faculty and staff received a MEP Faculty/Staff Appreciation Award.

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