Update From the Dean

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With the shelter in place guidelines in place starting at 5 pm Thursday, March 19, there will not be a lot of changes in how CENG is conducting work from what we already had in place.

  1. All faculty and staff will telecommute. This was already in place. All staff will consult with their supervisors to complete a telework agreement which specifies the work to be done remotely. If your normal work can’t be done remotely, you may have other tasks assigned. As essential personnel, IT staff and lab technicians will come to campus periodically to check as needed on equipment. This will be determined in consultation with your department chair and documented in your telework agreement.
  2. Faculty over age 65 who are designated as essential and have no underlying health conditions can be approved to be allowed onto campus if desired.  Please work with Andreas and your department chair.
  3. Faculty should drastically limit their time on campus. You  should spend as much time at home as possible while preparing your classes.  However, if you need materials from your office, you can certainly come in and get them.  For spring quarter lab classes you MAY come in and videotape labs and do other essential tasks that cannot be completed from home.  This can be accomplished in teams as needed as long as social distancing and frequent hand washing is practiced. We have to be able to deliver our spring courses and we know this means some time in the labs. Please try to do as much planning in advance and through ZOOM so that when you get to campus you can limit your time. This also applies to faculty wanting to use rooms already enabled for ZOOM or for document cameras.
  4. ORED is preparing new guidance for faculty and MS student thesis research which will be communicated tomorrow. 
  5. All student spaces have all been closed and all swipecard access to student spaces is being deactivated. Students are not to be in campus common spaces.
  6. This is a very stressful situation. Many of us have loved ones who are at risk or are at risk ourselves, and our students are in the same situation.  I urge us to treat each other with compassion and consideration as we adapt to these new circumstances.  Our Employee Assistance Program is available 24 hours a day if you are looking for support. Please take advantage of it. https://afd.calpoly.edu/hr/employee-resources/work-lifeWellbeing & Work/Life Balance – Cal PolyWellbeing & Work/Life Balance Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Empathia’s LifeMatters EAP (company password: calpoly) or call (800) 367-7474 for assistance 24/7. The EAP is here to help faculty, staff, and their household members with personal and workplace challenges.afd.calpoly.edu


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