2020-21 CSU STEM-NET Faculty Education Seed Grant

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In Fall 2018, the CSU launched a new STEM-NET Affinity Group with the following vision and mission:

  • STEM-NET Vision: To make the CSU a world-wide leader in the preparation, graduation and employment of outstanding, diverse STEM students
  • STEM-NET Mission: To enable CSU STEM leaders to share expertise and leverage system-wide opportunities to foster the implementation of global best practices in research, pedagogy, and learning as related to the STEM fields within the CSU

One of the mechanisms to achieve the vision & mission for the STEM-NET Affinity Group is the STEM-NET Faculty Education Seed Grants Program.

The Seed Grant program is designed to

  1. Support and encourage the development of a strong program of education research or scholarship by faculty members in STEM fields AND
  2. Fund activity that supports the submission of large external grants, aligned with the mission and that further the vision of STEM-NET

STEM-NET Seed Grant Funding Available for 2020-21 AY

  • Single-investigator grants are limited to $20,000
  • Multiple-investigator grants are capped at $40,000

Additional Eligibility Criteria

  • PIs must be Tenure-Track or Tenured faculty members who are eligible for NSF or similar Federal grants
  • Funding is to launch new projects and is not to be used to supplement ongoing funded programs
  • The new research/scholarship project must advance STEM education research
  • Deliverable (if funded): 2020-21 AY awardees must submit a complete or nearly complete external grant application to STEM-NET on or before 6/30/2021

Submission Timeline

Submission Requirements

  1. Project description utilizing the STEM-NET Faculty Education Seed Grant Template (included on next page)
    1. Not to exceed four (4) pages single-spaced (font size 11)
    1. Must include the budget & budget justification
      1. Indirect Costs are not required
      1. Please use $2,400/WTU as the assigned time rate
      1. Single-investigator proposals can request no more than one course release; multiple-investigator proposals can request no more than one course release per investigator.
  2. PI Biosketch
    1. Not to exceed two (2) pages per Biosketch
    1. Must include current and pending support
    1. Each Co-PI must also submit a Biosketch

  3. PI Diversity Statement
    1. Each Co-PI must also submit a Diversity Statement

STEM-NET Faculty Education Seed Grants Template





Title of Proposal

  1. Outline of Project Description
  2. Objective
  3. Intellectual Merit
  4. Broader Impact
  5. Budget and Justification
  6. Targeted External Grant Opportunities (name of funding mechanism and submission date)
    1. Deliverable if funded: A complete or nearly complete external grant application is to be provided to STEM-NET on or before 6/30/2021.


  • Biosketch(es)
  • Diversity Statement(s)

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