It IS Rocket Science

Fortunately, heartburn didn’t inspire a Cal Poly team to build a rocket that would be launched with “fast acting” Alka-Seltzers. But there was plenty of relief when a panel of judges invited

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Oh, the Humanities!

A Facebook study that manipulated the news feeds of close to 700,000 users caused considerable outrage a few years ago. At the same time, it provided intriguing data, with a large sample group, about

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Out of the Comfort Zone

During his adventurous bicycle tour of the African continent, materials engineering alumnus Riley Quine has flown over Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon, hiked an active volcano and

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Modern Times

When he earned his civil engineering degree from Cal Poly in 1982, Randell Iwasaki didn’t think he’d ever find himself planning infrastructure that would support autonomous vehicles. But today’s transportation planning entails

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Compton to Google

Anthony D. Mays, whose unlikely path from Compton to Google was detailed in a popular Buzzfeed documentary, offered simple advice for African-American students who find themselves significantly outnumbered in class: “Just get

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