Students Shine at Additive Manufacturing Conference

From left to right: Eugene Chiang, Paul Swartz, Xuan Wang, Andrew Yap, Kuba Preis and Hajime Yamanaka.

This summer, five students were awarded grants to attend the Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy conference in Phoenix, the largest conference in the additive manufacturing (AM) world. The students representing IME, ME and MATE have been working on AM research with IME Assistant Professor Xuan Wang over the past few years. The students worked with the cutting-edge metal 3-D printer from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Each of them presented their research in the conference, and one of their produced parts were selected for display to demonstrate design and fabrication expertise.

Andrew Yap (MATE undergrad, soon to be IME grad student) was awarded the winner of the poster merit.
Eugene Chiang’s (ME) produced part was displayed in the conference.

Hajime Yamanaka (IME grad) and Paul Swartz (ME grad) received grant from the National Science Foundation to present, out of 40 students nationwide; the other students received grants from Metal Powder Industries Federation to present their work, joining 32 students from 15 universities nationwide.

Student presentations included:

Eugene Chiang (ME undergrad): Alternative test method and sample for metal additive manufacturing

Hajime Yamanaka (IME grad), Hot deformation behavior of additively manufactured 316L stainless steel

Kuba Preis (IME undergrad), Redesign of CubeSat for beam charging

Andrew Yap (MATE undergrad), Vacuum anneal of 316L stainless steel printed through selective laser melting

Paul Swartz (ME grad), Evaluation of tensile properties for selective laser melted 316L stainless steel and influence of inherent process features on static performance

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