Building a Submarine Shark

After sliding a piece of foam under her stomach, Annie Borland lies face-down on a metal frame and begins to kick a makeshift pedaling device. “A little bit of hip elevation helps

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Follow the Challenge

Knowing that veterans with amputated legs have difficulty maneuvering on a surfboard, Van Curaza presented students a unique challenge this quarter: Create a prosthetic leg designed specifically for surfing. Curaza, who founded Operation

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Engineering Abroad

 With help from polytechnic peers, a group of Cal Poly students had the opportunity to simulate an international engineering team while establishing memorable bonds during a one-of-a-kind study abroad program in China.

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Man in front of ocean

Arctic Exploration

Traveling through the North Atlantic, the captain of research vessel Neil Armstrong had to repeatedly navigate around harsh weather that would entail winds near 60 mph and 24-foot swells. But those stormy seas, EJ

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Student in machine shop

An Automated Upgrade

A fleet of newly purchased Haas CNC machines will help teach engineering students how mechanical parts are designed, manufactured, and inspected — better preparing them for their future careers — said Trian

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