Top CENG Student Records Rare 4.0 GPA

Alex Boyd was honored for receiving straight A’s throughout his time at Cal Poly.

“Over time, as more and more quarters came, and I had gotten these grades, the more it became a goal just to see how long I could keep it up,” said the software engineering major from Longview, WA.

Boyd’s perfect 4.0 G.P.A. – a rarity — propelled him to the top of his class.

“I have not seen a 4.0 for at least a decade,” said Lizabeth Schlemer, interim associate dean at the CENG. “It is very difficult to get A’s in all your classes. If you can imagine getting an A in both an English literature class and an advanced Engineering course — not just for one quarter but every quarter, every course — this takes an extremely intelligent and diligent individual.”

Boyd, honored for College Academic Excellence, was one of over 80 students honored during the Outstanding Student Awards.

While the work was difficult, Boyd said he didn’t sacrifice too much.

“I had never done any all-nighters to get projects done or to cram for exams,” he said. “I had always just planned ahead and distributed my workload so that I wouldn’t have to suffer regardless of my schedule.”

Boyd plans to attend UC-Irvine to pursue a Ph.D. in statistics, using his software engineering degree as a foundation for future efforts, which include working in machine learning and teaching.

Additional Winners

William Sutton (AERO) and Paige Reisman (BMED) were honored for Contributions to the College of Engineering. Presenting the award is Dean Jim Meagher.
Electrical Engineering student Melinda Ong received the Contributions to the University Award from Dean Jim Meagher.
Electrical Engineering student Melinda Ong received the Contributions to the University Award from Dean Jim Meagher.

The complete list of honorees includes:

Contributions to the College of Engineering

In recognition of participation in activities that further the objectives and public image of the College

William Sutton, Aerospace Engineering

Paige Reisman, Biomedical Engineering

Contributions to the University

In recognition of participation in activities that further the objectives and public image of the University

Melinda Ong, Electrical Engineering

Service to the Off-Campus Community

In recognition of participation in volunteer service and/or academically related  service that has a positive impact on the off-campus community

Caleb Kim, Computer Science Engineering

College Academic Excellence

In recognition of superior academic performance

Alex Boyd, Software Engineering

Undergrad Academic Excellence

Joseph Bundros, Aerospace Engineering

Alaina Standish, Aerospace Engineering

Mahvish Syed, Biomedical Engineering

Rachel  Sigurdson, Biomedical Engineering

Michael Clement, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Kai Liang, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nicholas Kimball, Computer Engineering

Dennis Li, Computer Engineering

Sara  Bilich, Computer Science

Alexa Kuechle, Computer Science

Christopher Rotsios, Electrical Engineering

Ian Lang, Electrical Engineering

Naomi Hennefeld, Environmental

Elizabeth Wiley, Environmental

Anna Santoro, General Engineering

Kinsie Prokopakis, General Engineering

Brice Turnbull, Industrial Engineering

Kelly Fitzgerald, Industrial Engineering

Benjamin Berkow, Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies

Caleb Ostgaard, Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies

Abigail Nilan, Materials Engineering

Wyatt Taylor, Materials Engineering

Kenji Anzai, Mechanical Engineering

Sabrina Gough, Mechanical Engineering

Patrick Young, Manufacturing Engineering

Jordan Schaeffer, Manufacturing Engineering

Alex Boyd, Software Engineering

Cameron Taylor, Software Engineering

Graduate Academic Excellence

Harrison King, Aerospace Engineering

Nathan Gehrke, Aerospace Engineering

Oliver Morrison,  Aerospace Engineering

Megan Rund, Aerospace Engineering

Daniel Johnson, Aerospace Engineering

Charles Ward,  Aerospace Engineering

Kendyl Cohn, Biomedical Engineering

Alison Chambon, Biomedical Engineering

Rebecca Kandell, Biomedical Engineering

Cody Hegarty, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Austin Cunniff, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Kimberly LaMar, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Katelyn Howes, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jerome Watts, Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Coyne, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tobias Bleisch, Computer Science

Nick Plewtong, Computer Science

Michael Williams, Computer Science

Tram Lai,  Computer Science

Alanna Buss, Computer Science

Andrew Tran, Computer Science

Jonathan Catanio, Computer Science

Jonathan Tan, Computer Science

Di Hoang, Computer Science

Zachary Eldredge, Electrical Engineering

Justin Ng, Electrical Engineering

Christopher Gerdom, Electrical Engineering

Nathaniel Graff, Electrical Engineering

Alex Marette,  Electrical Engineering

Ryan Frawley, Electrical Engineering

Elliott Winicki, Electrical Engineering

Walter Magdefrau, Electrical Engineering

Jennifer Caudillo,  Engineering w/Integrated Technology Management

Bradford Applin, Engineering w/Integrated Technology Management

Alyssa Leventis, Engineering w/Integrated Technology Management

Kody Paup, Engineering w/Integrated Technology Management

Olivia Wright, Engineering w/Integrated Technology Management

James Henahan, Fire Protection Engineering

Frederick Tanis, Fire Protection Engineering

Donald Wood, Fire Protection Engineering

Julian Lohser, Industrial Engineering

Rhys Gilmore, Industrial Engineering

Christopher Hornbeak, Industrial Engineering

Moira Foster, Mechanical Engineering

Alec Makowski, Mechanical Engineering

Greg Lane, Mechanical Engineering

Gregory Pellegrino, Mechanical Engineering

James Kermath,  Mechanical Engineering

Danielle Loi, Mechanical Engineering

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