Strategic Priorities

Thermal Science Laboratory ribbon cutting on October 28, 2022. Mechanical engineering chair Jim Widmann at right.

Goal: Expand Learn by Doing activities and infrastructure with an emphasis on cross disciplinary opportunities which support curricular and co-curricular threads on societal challenges, data literacy, systems thinking, ethics, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

    • Actions will include:
      • Renovate and upgrade Learn by Doing facilities across the college
      • Develop vibrant faculty communities of practice focused on each curricular thread
      • Integrate curricular thread topics into required course curricula
      • Expand interdisciplinary collaborations
      • Expand Learn by Doing student opportunities related to the curricular threads
    • Metrics will include:
      • Percentage of students taking required courses in at least one of the curricular thread topics
      • Percentage of students participating in clubs and co-curricular Learn by Doing activities
      • Number of Learn By Doing facilities upgraded

Goal: Increase support for the teacher-scholar model by creating and promoting curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular faculty and student research opportunities.

    • Actions will include:
      • Expand faculty/student applied research opportunities
      • Build active research communities in CENG faculty on topics such as engineering education research, climate change and sustainability
      • Expand faculty/student applied research opportunities with industry and national labs
      • Launch college research seminar series
      • Support and grow Summer Undergraduate Research Program
    • Metrics will include:
      • College/department funded research support
      • College sponsored research workshops
      • Number of students and faculty engaged in research
Mechanical engineering student Brienne Berger works to remove the steering mechanism of the Cal Poly SAE Baja Car in the AERO Hangar. Photo: Dennis Steers / College of Engineering

Goal: Identify systemic challenges to graduation rates and implement strategies to mitigate with a focus achieving equitable outcomes for all students

    • Actions will include:
      • Removal of structural barriers to graduation within our curricula
      • Regularly offer workshops focused on achieving equitable outcomes
      • Develop and implement summer support programs
    • Metrics will include:
      • Graduate rates across all demographics

Goal: Provide clear and realistic pathways in each degree program for transfer students to graduate in two years.

    • Actions will include:
      • Development of clear and equitable transfer student path ways for all degree programs
      • Expansion of community college partnerships and course articulation agreements
      • Appointment of “transfer student champions” in each department
    • Metrics will include:
      • Graduation rates across all demographics

Goal: Show continual and measurable improvement in the diversity of the CENG community so that our students, faculty and staff better reflect the demographics of the state of California and exceed national averages for engineering representation.

    • Actions will include: 
      • Recruit and retain faculty committed to creating equitable and inclusive educational experience
      • Expand pipeline activities in K-12 partner schools
      • Expand activities focused on ensuring students offered admission chose to join Cal Poly at equitable rates across all demographics
      • Highlight alumni success stories in our recruiting
      • Expand scholarship support

Goal: Develop an inclusive college culture where actions and policies support the equitable success of the entire CENG community and where everyone is valued for being their own unique self.

    • Actions will include: 
      • Review and revise college policies to ensure equitable success of the entire college community
      • Grow and expand workshops on the intersection of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in engineering education and the student experience
      • Integrate evidence-based assessment strategies into coursework to support equitable outcomes
      • Implement activities focused on implementing an inclusive college culture
    • Metrics will include: 
      • Steady increases in percentage of students, faculty and staff who report feeling a sense of belongingness in CENG through culture assessment
      • College events that promote community engagement and celebrate/support the culture of those traditonallly underrepresented in engineering and computer science
      • College policies reviewed and revised with an emphasis on equity and transparency
Jaun Carlos Palominos (Materials Engineering)

Goal: Expand student professional development and networking opportunities. 

    • Actions will include:
      • Integrate professional guidance (career paths, resume writing, interviewing skills) into the curricula
      • Promote and expand international opportunities for students
      • Promote and expand opportunities for student-alumni engagement
    • Metrics will include 
      • Student networking opportunities with industry and alumni
      • Professional development integration into the required curriculum
      • Number of students who study abroad

Goal: Increase funded opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in professional development. 

    • Actions will include: 
      •  Develop professional development plans for all staff
      •  Expand the new faculty development program
      •  Increase transparency and equity in faculty professional development funding
    • Metrics will include:
      • Number of faculty and staff who participate in funded professional development training, workshops,
        or conferences.