Enabling Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning

Katie's Jogger team outside of Bonderson Highbay

Our Mission

The mission of CPConnect is to create opportunities for donors, faculty and students to collaborate on interdisciplinary educational projects by facilitating access to: potential projects, resources, relevant information, connections with corporate partners, and the interdisciplinary community of Cal Poly. Our commitment to innovative Learn by Doing methodologies serves as a foundation for launching industry sponsored projects. These projects provide a relevant contextual environment for putting into practice the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

2021-2022 Requests for Project Proposals (RFPP)

Submission Deadlines

    • Winter/Spring Quarter: November 19, 2021
    • Spring Quarter: February 4, 2022

About the Coordinating Team

The CPConnect Department Coordinating team is composed of members from each of the departments from the College of Engineering. The team facilitates the following activities:

  • Facilitate communication between donors, faculty members, and students
  • Provide guidelines for donors and faculty to develop project statements
  • Help identify faculty and students interested in working on proposed projects
  • Solicit proposals from faculty and students for funded project opportunities
  • Review project proposals and provide recommendations to the Dean to award funding
  • Maintain oversight of distribution of donations
  • Maintain a database of current, ongoing and proposed projects
  • Maintain a database of project final reports

Support CPConnect

Understanding your interest in project-based learning is the first and most important part of establishing a relationship. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to discussing how your ideas and requirements can be integrated into our innovative Learn by Doing approach.

Becoming a Partner

If you are interested in forming a partnership with CPConnect, please contact the Assistant Dean of Advancement & External Relations, Amy Spikes, at spikes@calpoly.edu, or call 805-756-2163.