The College of Engineering stands with the entire university in condemning acts of violence and hatred

The College of Engineering fosters an environment based on Love, Empathy and Respect where all are supported, energized and empowered.

There are no words to capture the collective pain and outrage caused by the recent murders in Atlanta and other acts of racism, oppression and injustice that have occurred.

We are committed to building an educational system that addresses institutional racism and empowers the cultures and identities of our faculty, staff and students. Our college community focuses on academic learning. It also focuses on learning environments where students can engage in critical thinking that promotes safe spaces for students to learn from diverse perspectives.

We are committed to a learning environment in our virtual or in-person classrooms where all faculty, staff and students, including our Black, Indigenous and students of color, can be proud of their language, ethnicity, race and nationality. There is no place for racially and gender-motivated hate in our community, and we must work together to eliminate it.

As we face repeated acts of hatred and violence, please ask yourself, “What can I do today to be more inclusive?” 

Each small act makes a difference that will change and impact our culture.


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