Build Wind Turbines in Peru for Rural Communities Without Electricity

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WindAid Institute

WindAid is a non-profit focused on building wind turbines to provide clean and renewable energy solutions to some of the seven million Peruvians living without grid electricity, and directly affected by the increasing effects of climate change. Their mission is to provide unique educational experiences empowering people to create a sustainable world.

The WindAid Institute Volunteering Program

Their 4-week volunteer program offers the opportunity to learn about the design, construction, and installation of a wind turbine to create a direct impact on rural families and communities. They also offer long-term volunteering opportunities, and a very limited number of internship opportunities throughout the year.

WindAid Volunteers

There are no pre-requisite skills, although an engineering and/or sustainability background and some Spanish language can enhance the experience. They seek out passionate, enthusiastic individuals hungry to learn and create a positive change in the lives of others. Volunteers will gain a plethora of exposure to various skills, working with diverse group of people, and how proper focus to fight climate change can have an immediate impact and longer-term benefits that ripple around the world.

Building Skills for the Future

WindAid aims for every volunteer to learn as much as they can from their volunteering experience in Peru. This means that everyone who comes through their doors has the opportunity to gain hands-on engineering experience, practice working and networking with an international team, and creating a lasting impact through installing wind turbines for those without electricity. Past volunteers have gone on to work in major corporations, been invited to do graduate studies at prestigious universities, and created connections from around the world in the sustainability sector.

They have year-round opportunities and rolling application deadlines, with projects limited to ten volunteers, so apply now!

Four Week Projects
27 May – 21 June
1 July – 26 July
5 August – 30 August
9 September – 4 October
14 October – 8 November
18 November – 13 December
Two Week Projects
23 September – 4 October
28 October – 8 November

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